Early Persimmon and Quinces now Ready

 The early variety of Persimmons - Jiro - are now ready as are the quinces. They are both $5/kg. The apples remain on $4kg The apples ready for picking right now are Golden Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith with a few Jonagold still on the trees.

The orchard is very muddy so wear suitable foot ware and judging by the forecast umbrellas may again be needed this weekend.

 I have some interest in the Bush tours and if I get another 3 people for Saturday April 1 will conduct one at a mutually convenient time on that day. Click on the link on the left for more details.

 The big wet has slowed the ripening of Pink Lady somewhat so we may have wait until the second week of April before they can be picked.

Lots of chestnuts and we are expecting the first walnuts for this weekend - 25 & 26/3.