Golden Delicious, Chinese Pears and Granny Smith now Ready

 I know you are all waiting for Persimmons and Pink Lady apples but for the next 2 weeks it will Golden Delicious, Chinese Pears and Fuji apples with Granny Smith also starting this weekend and they are great.

We expect to have chestnuts from March 25 and walnuts the following week.

The big wet has left the orchard saturated and muddy so bring suitable boots or other foot ware. The apples love the rain and the ducks are back on the dams which are now full.

The quinces are expected to be ready from April 1 and they will be $5/kg as will be the persimmons. Rnmember we only have 4 Quince trees in production but we have planted another 25 so if you miss out you only have to wait 3-4 years.